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Welcome to the Safety section of the Workers Compensation Management Bureau

Managing Safety has many benefits and is now seen as one of the key functions of an organization regardless of what that function maybe.

Safety is as a contributing factor to improving performance, communication, quality, productivity, morale, employee retention, asset and business loss, and accident reduction.

Creating a systematic and sustainable safety program helps us to focus on the areas of greatest risk, eliminate waste, measure our success and reduce our costs.

In order to develop an effective safety program all levels of an organization must change and develop thorough a process that prioritizes, plans and leads change.

The Workers Compensation Management Bureau is committed to supporting all state agencies in their efforts to reduce incidents and achieve a full and compliant safety program to protect the safety, health and well-being of all Montana State Workers.

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For further information and safety questions please contact:
Health & Safety Specialist - Lisa Brooks, (406) 444-0122