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Lance ZantoWorker's Compensation Program Bureau Chief - Lance Zanto - (406) 444-5689

Lance graduated from University of Montana with degrees in Finance and Economics. He has over 28 years of work experience in workers' compensation insurance, safety, and risk management in both public and private industry. Lance has received several awards in his career including the Harvard Kennedy School award for best workers' compensation system, twice receiving the Governor's Safety Award for Large Public and Private Employers and being voted Montana Safety Director of the Year by the Montana Motor Carriers Association. He is a past Board Member of the National Operation Lifesaver program, past board member and chairman of the Montana Motor Carrier's Association, and past member of the American Trucking Association's Safety and Loss Prevention management council. He is a past member of the WorkSafeMT board of directors. He currently is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Montana State Fund, Montana's largest workers' compensation insurer. He also serves on the Montana University system workers' compensation board of directors and is the management co-chair of the Governor's Labor Management Advisory Council.;

Lance is currently responsible for the management of the State Government's workers' compensation program. He enjoys restoring old cars, boating, snowmobiling, and spending time with his wife Lynn and daughters Shae and Leigh.

Workers' Compensation Management Bureau

The Worker's Compensation Management Bureau (WCMB) works closely with state government agencies and the workers compensation insurance provider to help prevent injuries at work, oversee the injury claims process and the return to work process. Both work-related injuries (these happen at a specific point in time) and occupational diseases (these develop over time) can have a long-term effect on the employers and employees quality of life. Injuries not taken care of quickly can lead to pain and potential disability. Being out of work can cause significant financial hardship. Preventing injuries in the first place is always the best practice for both the employee and employer.

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The Worker's Compensation Management Bureau was established in 2006 to address significant increases in Montana worker's compensation costs. Currently, Montana is the sixth most expensive state in the country for worker's compensation insurance. The bureau is tasked with helping all state agencies manage their workers' compensation insurance and manage their Safety & Return to Work Programs. We serve as the central resource for agencies in managing workers' compensation insurance while working to enhance existing safety, loss-prevention, risk management and return to work activities as well as creating access to these activities for agencies which do not currently have them in place.