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Return to Work Program

State government values our employees and the important work we each perform. We do not want our employees injured while working. Unfortunately, injuries do happen and if an injury does occur at work, we have workers' compensation insurance and a return to work program to assist agencies and employees through the injury and return to work process.

Our Return to Work program helps agencies to accommodate employees returning to work on modified duty or when they are unable to perform their usual job.

When an employee is off work due to an injury, benefits that are paid or accrued while working stop. These benefits include:

  • contributions to retirement
  • vacation leave
  • sick leave
  • potential impacts to health insurance depending on duration of time employee is off work.

For this reason, it is important for the employee to return to work as soon as they are medically released to some capacity of work by their doctor.

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Workers Compensation Management Bureau

Working with the agency, we help ensure that when an employee returns to work, proper accommodations are made to allow the return to work and that all medical restrictions on the work allowed do not exceed the doctor's recommendations. We work with the agency, injured worker, and our insurer to follow progression of healing back to full duty release to work.

Once the employee is back to full time work, all benefits are restored.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about the workers' compensation program, the claims process, employee safety or return to work, please contact the workers' compensation management bureau. We are happy to help.

For return to work questions contact please contact: - WCMB Bureau Chief Lance Zanto (406) 444- 5689.

For safety questions please contact - WCMB State Agency Safety Program Manager Lisa Brooks (406) 444-0122