Workers Compensation Management Bureau

Workers' Compensation Management Bureau 


The Workers’ Compensation Management Bureau is committed, through the way we work and behave, to supporting State of Montana Agencies in providing a safe working environment and protecting employees from work related injury and disease.

It is the commitment of Workers’ Compensation Management Bureau to all state agencies to improve employee safety and health by providing programs, support, and assistance through:

  • Ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local regulation
  • Consistent open communication and dialog with agency representatives
  • Training and education programs
  • Providing program guidance and support
  • Attendance and support in all agency safety and health committee meetings
  • Providing monthly safety topics to agencies
  • Providing quarterly reports on performance metrics
  • Conducting quarterly agency policy review meetings
  • Website tools and support
  • Leadership and coordination in quarterly State Safety Group Meetings
  • Collaborative support to agencies with the Montana State Fund

The Workers’ Compensation Management Bureau will work with all colleagues to positively reinforce safe actions and behavior to achieve a strong, sustainable, and continually improving Safety Culture in State Government.


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