Workers Compensation Management Bureau

A Resource for State of Montana Employees

Return To Work Program

Monitors an organizations workers’ compensation claims to ensure claims are reported, submitted, and managed in a timely manner to reduce the impact on the organization and employees.  


How The Return To Work Program Can Help


It is important employees understand what happens when they are off work due to an injury at work.

Benefits to employees:
  • Recover more quickly
  • Experience smoother transition to regular duty
  • Minimize employee stress related to on the job injury
  • Continue, without disruption, receiving normal paycheck and state employment contributions and benefits
  • Maintain relationships with co-workers and management
Employee resources:


All injury claims are different and with that come unique challenges.

WCMB can help by:
  • Coordinate Quarterly (or more frequent) Claim Review meetings with Insurer
  • Identify high impact claims and actions to mitigate the impact
  • Formulate claims reports to highlight potential high impact claims
  • Escalate claims to leadership to ensure prompt action
  • Facilitate return to work accommodations from one agency to another
  • Present employer Return to Work training for agencies and employees
  • Facilitate training on ADA/FMLA impacts on claims
Benefits to employers:
  • Maintain productivity in the workplace
  • Support the culture of caring for our employees
  • Provide a safe and timely transition back to work
  • Keep trained and experienced workers on the job
  • Minimize workers’ compensation costs
Employer resources:

WCMB works with agencies who cannot accommodate an injured worker's restrictions by placing them in another agency temporally. The host agency that provides the temporary work receives the benefit of the experience and education of the injured worker without having to pay the workers’ wages. The home agency continues to pay their salary.

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