Workers Compensation Management Bureau

A Resource for State of Montana Employees

Agency Safety Program Assistance

The Workers' Compensation Management Bureau is committed to supporting all state agencies in their efforts to reduce injury and achieve a full and compliant safety program.

Statement of Commitment to State Agencies

On this page you will find practical guidance, resources, and tools to assist safety professionals, managers, and employees in implementing, managing, and maintaining a safety program. We would also direct you to the Safety Resources and Tools page for additional assistance.


Risk Assessment Tools

Incorporating Risk Management into Your Safety Program

This guide provides and explanation of occupational risk management and the tools it provides to implement strategies that strengthen your existing safety program.

Example Risk Assessments:



Links to Safety Guidance

  • Leading for Safety - Guide on how to develop a strong safety culture in your organization.
  • Leading Checklist - Checklist for leadership to assess their agency safety program.
  • Safety Committees - Guidance on how to implement and manage an effective safety committee in your agency.
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